Monday, 2 January 2017

The Morningstar and the Eveningstar

As the Sun rose,
And the pink hued sky woke,
From it's dark doze,
I smiled.

The sunshine kissed our nose,

Through the open window.
The cool wind blows,
And, beautiful is the lake below.

Although we spent the night

The sheer beauty of the morning light
Is no less mesmerizing.

The million twinkling lights of the dark

Sky, up so high,
Paint a picture, oh so stark,
Making me sigh.

The winged creatures of dawn

Have arrived,
Making us reminisce and fawn
Over our midnight drive.

The dusk had an eerie

Backdrop of night-crawlers,
The dawn shone a cheery
Optimism of early-chirpers.

How does one decide?

My mind muses.
Is there someone to confide?
My heart fuses.

Fuses like the child

Of the Sun and the Moon.
I wait, and time I bide,
I listen to whispers and a lone soft croon.

That lonesome soft croon,

So out of place.
This was a treasure, about to disappear soon.
Initially crawling, now in a hurried pace.

Is it the Morning star?

Excitement ran in my pulse.
How alike it seems to the Evening star,
Cool, calm, collected, came the voice.

Are they related?

Both so alike in their beauty?
An unbidden thought came belated,
And I curved inwards in silent duty.

The night eerie,

Always a mystery.
The morning cheery,
A gift from the same fairy.

Cousins they are,

Now I know.
'Siblings', they chortle from afar,
As I stand below.