Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Dream Travel

There was a mist clouding my eyes,
There was a sound evoking sighs.

I suppose it was a dream,
That was filling up emotions to the brim.

Everything felt, oh so real!
The sounds and sensations, surreal.
Everything and everyone was happy,
Extinct was all that was gloomy or sappy.

I was floating atop a bed of clouds,
Undeterred was my mood by any doubts.

Towards my immediate right,
Stood the mighty ‘Statue of Liberty’ in America.
And, on my left, shone bright,
The landscape of Cape Town in South Africa.

One second I was falling in a cliff-dive,
The other, I was reading Shelley in reprieve.

The tunes of my guitar, never before so jovial,
Surrounded on all sides by everyone cordial.

Flashing bright was my mother’s smile,
Fighting the Sun itself for brightness!
Sitting with my father on the banks of Nile,
Soothing my heart and purging all sadness!

Now, I stand beside an unmarked trail,
Next to my brother, I look delicate and frail.
Sibling-bonding over some hiking,
We laugh over injuries sustained over biking.

Now, I stand before a blank canvas,
I pick up a brush to paint a rose.
But my hands move without my consent, I fuss,
And right before my eyes, is a Monalisa in repose!

I blink and I’m on a beach,
Sunbathing and partying without a hitch.
My friends’ laughter ringing in my ears,
Our love shining in my happy tears.

All of a sudden, I gasp and sit up,
I’m in my bed, my heart on a crazy jump!

“Just a dream,” Heart sighs.

“For now,” Mind smiles.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Commercialization of Human Emotions

Since the ancient times of
The laughable 'Stone Age',
We have come a long way as we scoff
Upon the stories of a yellowed page.

The Humans have evolved,
But in the process, what have they lost?
The Nature we bulldozed,
And in the process, destroyed what we need most.

Today, we live in the times of
The formidable 'Iron Age'.
All of us are masters at bluff
And pretentiousness atop the 'Worldly Stage'.

Our manners remain impeccable as ever,
We sugarcoat each syllable with care,
But beneath the surface, at each layer,
Our personal life if full of wear and tear.

We live our lives, so black and white,
And strangle the shades of grey in between.
We turn a blind eye to our heart's fight,
And let commercialization of emotions win.

Today, all that matters is,
Climbing high and making money.
When did we last hug or kiss,
A close friend or family?

Sure, we kiss our mother
When she gets us a new dress.
And, squeal with glee at our father
Because of an accessory to impress.

But, do we not throw a temper tantrum,
When our wishes meet denial?
Are our spirits not turned glum,
When 'NO' is the answer that is final?

How do we explain our morals,
When materialism is what drives us?
Our affections can be bought by dolls,
Toys, dresses and people who fawn and fuss!

Look how far mankind has come!
A point where money is the sole
Driving force and all other emotions are numb,
We present greed, etched deep in our soul.

Hail the world, where affection
stems only from materialism!
Commercialization of Emotions,

Extinction of all Relations?

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

February 6th

Like a sweet mix-fruit jam,
I wish you a Happy Birthday Ma'am!
You are the very reason,
My meandering life found it's mission.
You watered the tiny buds,
That enclosed my way with words.
Without a doubt,
There's lots I need to thank you about.
My heart, therefore screams and shouts,
I love you lots!
You embraced the scrawny kitten,
That later bloomed, intermittent.
Tabby Cat probably loves you,
More than I can ever do!
All Tabby and I want is,
That you forever be happy, please.
Your awe-inspiring vibe,
Is something all your students wish to imbibe.
Your "always supporting" nature,
Is a refreshing feature.
You ALWAYS practice what you preach,
And your soothing presence always in reach.
Your doors are always open to all,
You help pick up when pieces fall,
Offering support like a strong wall,
You are a beautiful, never-ageing doll.
Your talent needs no introduction,
It's something I wish to conjure up like a magical, medieval concoction.
If I manage to become half the person you are,
I will be ecstatic to have reached so far!
All those days practicing on stories,
Are etched in my heart, piece by piece.
All you words of encouragement,
Essential to my budding writer-infant.
I will forever be thankful to have known you,
And to have been mentored by you,
Otherwise, I'm sure I'd have no clue,
About my life and be left, feeling blue.
And for all that, and more,
I'm thankful to you, a "comforting shore"!
Hope this day brought you all that you wished for,
And that all the happiness and success comes knocking at your door!

Friday, 6 January 2017

Heels : A Woman's Best Friend

It was probably in the ancient ages that shoes were presented with heels to provide the precious few inches to go along with a woman's stature. And, it was construed as a belief that only women who were lacking in height would need to resort to wearing heels.
What a blasphemous myth!
Heels are, in the truest sense, a woman's best friend and not just an aid to gain height. They gift you with the elegance in gait and confidence within that can never be sought anywhere else.
How many times had you walked across the street and been overlooked because you didn't reach the eye level to the handsome man living across from your apartment?
How many times did you let opportunities slide by you because you didn't feel comfortable in your own skin?
How many times did you pass up beautiful pair of Platform Pumps simply because everyone said 5'9 is too tall, as it is?
How many times did you cry about not knowing just HOW to walk in the heels that people label as "deathtraps"?
Well, it is time you changed it. Go. Learn. Learn how to walk in those heels and you will sooner realize the world of possibilities that await you.
There is nothing like the confidence that comes from within your soul when your walk is as smooth and sinewy atop those added three or four inches of height. That subtle click - clack sound is music to your ears when half the heads in the vicinity take note of your arrival. You are no more shrugged into oblivion.
You stand out!
And, you're not scared of it. Because, you trust yourself and your new best friend - the beautiful pair of HEELS that presented you with all this in the first place.
It is not untrue when they say that the first thing people take notice of, when they see you, are your Shoes.
The RIGHT pair of footwear can work wonders for you!
So, quit worrying and taking other's word for things over your own. Go buy your first pair of heels, or a new one if you're already part of the club, and relish the feel of it.
The world definitely looks better, far more ripe with possibilities, from "up there". Trust me. Or else, go find for yourself.

Monday, 2 January 2017

The Morningstar and the Eveningstar

As the Sun rose,
And the pink hued sky woke,
From it's dark doze,
I smiled.

The sunshine kissed our nose,

Through the open window.
The cool wind blows,
And, beautiful is the lake below.

Although we spent the night

The sheer beauty of the morning light
Is no less mesmerizing.

The million twinkling lights of the dark

Sky, up so high,
Paint a picture, oh so stark,
Making me sigh.

The winged creatures of dawn

Have arrived,
Making us reminisce and fawn
Over our midnight drive.

The dusk had an eerie

Backdrop of night-crawlers,
The dawn shone a cheery
Optimism of early-chirpers.

How does one decide?

My mind muses.
Is there someone to confide?
My heart fuses.

Fuses like the child

Of the Sun and the Moon.
I wait, and time I bide,
I listen to whispers and a lone soft croon.

That lonesome soft croon,

So out of place.
This was a treasure, about to disappear soon.
Initially crawling, now in a hurried pace.

Is it the Morning star?

Excitement ran in my pulse.
How alike it seems to the Evening star,
Cool, calm, collected, came the voice.

Are they related?

Both so alike in their beauty?
An unbidden thought came belated,
And I curved inwards in silent duty.

The night eerie,

Always a mystery.
The morning cheery,
A gift from the same fairy.

Cousins they are,

Now I know.
'Siblings', they chortle from afar,
As I stand below.