Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Dream Travel

There was a mist clouding my eyes,
There was a sound evoking sighs.

I suppose it was a dream,
That was filling up emotions to the brim.

Everything felt, oh so real!
The sounds and sensations, surreal.
Everything and everyone was happy,
Extinct was all that was gloomy or sappy.

I was floating atop a bed of clouds,
Undeterred was my mood by any doubts.

Towards my immediate right,
Stood the mighty ‘Statue of Liberty’ in America.
And, on my left, shone bright,
The landscape of Cape Town in South Africa.

One second I was falling in a cliff-dive,
The other, I was reading Shelley in reprieve.

The tunes of my guitar, never before so jovial,
Surrounded on all sides by everyone cordial.

Flashing bright was my mother’s smile,
Fighting the Sun itself for brightness!
Sitting with my father on the banks of Nile,
Soothing my heart and purging all sadness!

Now, I stand beside an unmarked trail,
Next to my brother, I look delicate and frail.
Sibling-bonding over some hiking,
We laugh over injuries sustained over biking.

Now, I stand before a blank canvas,
I pick up a brush to paint a rose.
But my hands move without my consent, I fuss,
And right before my eyes, is a Monalisa in repose!

I blink and I’m on a beach,
Sunbathing and partying without a hitch.
My friends’ laughter ringing in my ears,
Our love shining in my happy tears.

All of a sudden, I gasp and sit up,
I’m in my bed, my heart on a crazy jump!

“Just a dream,” Heart sighs.

“For now,” Mind smiles.