Friday, 10 February 2017

Commercialization of Human Emotions

Since the ancient times of
The laughable 'Stone Age',
We have come a long way as we scoff
Upon the stories of a yellowed page.

The Humans have evolved,
But in the process, what have they lost?
The Nature we bulldozed,
And in the process, destroyed what we need most.

Today, we live in the times of
The formidable 'Iron Age'.
All of us are masters at bluff
And pretentiousness atop the 'Worldly Stage'.

Our manners remain impeccable as ever,
We sugarcoat each syllable with care,
But beneath the surface, at each layer,
Our personal life if full of wear and tear.

We live our lives, so black and white,
And strangle the shades of grey in between.
We turn a blind eye to our heart's fight,
And let commercialization of emotions win.

Today, all that matters is,
Climbing high and making money.
When did we last hug or kiss,
A close friend or family?

Sure, we kiss our mother
When she gets us a new dress.
And, squeal with glee at our father
Because of an accessory to impress.

But, do we not throw a temper tantrum,
When our wishes meet denial?
Are our spirits not turned glum,
When 'NO' is the answer that is final?

How do we explain our morals,
When materialism is what drives us?
Our affections can be bought by dolls,
Toys, dresses and people who fawn and fuss!

Look how far mankind has come!
A point where money is the sole
Driving force and all other emotions are numb,
We present greed, etched deep in our soul.

Hail the world, where affection
stems only from materialism!
Commercialization of Emotions,

Extinction of all Relations?

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