Friday, 2 December 2016


Amidst the pitch black,
Shone a lone ray of light.
As if it had a knack,
To preserve and to fight.

Eliciting a little hope

Within the shadows,
It gave a reason to cope
Where all else fades.

The dark so intimately

Was entwined with light,
Proving their existence solely
Did depend on each others' might.

The black of midnight,

Oh so intimidating!
The lone ray of light,
Oh so soothing!

There is a little hope,

Even in the darkest of places.
So, tie that rope,
To hold together the spaces.

The candle that lights

The entire room,
Shares the same plights
Of being surrounded by dark doom.

Also, never forget,

It is the darkest
Just before dawn.
Just before dawn!

Do not fret!

There is nothing to fear.
If darkness surrounds,
You are about to rebound.

Darkness is the indication

Of stark brightness nearby.
Just hold your patience
Before you can fly.

The winged creatures,

Do thrive!
Embrace the nature,
So you can feel alive!

It's the darkest,

Just before dawn!
It's the darkest,
Just before dawn!